We have selected a few frequently asked questions, but if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us using the form.

All participants in the Maremma Challenge Bikepacking are required to have a valid, specific competitive medical certificate for cycling. Medical certificates for other sports such as athletics, triathlon, etc. will not be accepted.
The medical certificate must be uploaded at the time of registration or sent no later than April 18, 2024 (under penalty of exclusion from participation in the event without any right to reimbursement)at the email address hello@maremmachallenge.com
Each participant must delcare in accordance with the D.P.R. no. 445 of December 28, 2000 that the documents forwarded by him are true and correspond to the originals in his possession.

Membership in an amateur sports association ASD is mandatory, all participants must be in possession of accident insurance coverage.
It is possible to join the amateur sports association BGM ASD, organizer of the Maremma Challenge, by sending a request email by May 8 2024 to hello@maremmachallenge.com

The Maremma Challenge Bikepacking can be done by gravel bike, MTB, and EMTB.
The route develops on dirt roads, paths in the woods, asphalted provincial and secondary roads with little traffic.

The route of about500km is not divided into pre-established phases, but allows you the freedom to stop, eat and rest when and where you want. Our event follows the “unsupported bike adventure” philosophy, therefore you manage yourself throughout the journey, without any external support (we intervene only in the event of an emergency) from our team. Our advice is to study the route well before departure.

The phliosophy of the Maremma Challenge is fun in safety. If you wish, at the time of registration, you can select among the additional services the rental of a LifePass device” GSM live-tracking system to be monitored by us 24 hours a day during the event at a cost of €40. We strongly advise you to bring a LifePass with you, to always ride in company, and not to travel at night or during prohibitive weather conditions.

If you complete the route within 80h you get the ARI Off-Road certificate.

The Komoot platform is our official partner for the creation of the Maremma Challenge route track. Ten days before departure, you will receive a free Komoot Regions Pack worth € 8,99 which will allow you to download the Maremma Challenge track, to use the turn-by-turn navigation voice, to download the offline route (to know where you are even in the absence of an internet connection) and to use the screen of your smartphone instead of a GPS. We advise you to study the route well!

Upon your arrival in Massa Marittima, we’ll be waiting for you at the Bike Garage & More for a cold beer, a chat and few photos! If you arrive at closing times, therefore at night or at dawn, we will send you the finisher t-shirt and other surprises.

In case of inability to participate, the paid registration fees will not be refunded. Only any advance fee for the rental of the LifePass safety device will be refundable.

CANCELLATION – In case we need to cancel the event due to force majeure (environmenal and/or health at a national or international level), a refund will not be made, but the registration made will be valid for the next edition with no additional costs.

RESCHEDULING – In case we need to reschedule the date of the event due to force majeure or other serious reasons, which could jeopardize the preparation of the event or the participation in it by a number of people not less than half of registrants, the Organization
reserves the right to reschedule the place and/or date of the event within the same calendar year. In this case, the fee paid for the registration will be valid for the event on the rescheduled date, without additional costs for the registrants It is not possible to transfer the registration to the following year’s edition.

We advise all participants to arrive on Friday, May 17, 2024 so as not to miss the Welcome Festival which includes a detailed briefing, pinsa party, and DJ set, an excellent opportunity to get to know the other participants and to recharge your batteries!
We have requested the availability of a parking area for campers and cars at the Municipality of Massa Marittima, we will share the address and more details as soon as possible.